My Cure for Road Rage

One day a week or two ago while sitting in endless traffic I happen to come across my local classical music station, 98.7 WFMT. I decided to stay on the station and listen for a while. I took a music appreciation class way back in high school but other than that I can't claim to know much about classical music. There is one thing that I did discover about it though, it calms me down enough to cut down my road rage drastically. My road rage had gotten bad in the past few weeks (just yelling, no overly aggressive driving) and I had wanted to find a way to stop it. Now I listen to 98.7 on the way to work and school and have found myself barely yelling at other people. I now call it my "happy music." On the way home from work the announcer, Suzanne Nance, has such a soothing voice that I can't help but be calm. I swear if she narrated audiobooks I would definitely listen to them.


Today I only ended up yelling:

  • "Really, jackass, really?"
  • "Nice turn signal!"
  • "Are you kidding me?"