7th Son: Descent - J.C. Hutchins Heaven - Mur Lafferty Infected  - Scott Sigler Crescent - Phil Rossi

So a few years back, I can't even remember how many, I used to listen to podiobooks on my ipod. I would stay up late listening to them and I remember that sometimes I would nod off a bit and have to rewind. I loved that the authors would perform their books. Somehow I ended up back on the site where I would go to get podiobooks. It is bringing back so many memories. I would listen to books that I never thought I would have enjoyed. I am happy to see that most of the authors that I listened to were able to publish their books and that they also kept the podiobooks available. I've connected the published versions of some of my favorite podiobooks to this post. I would be interested in seeing what the authors changed.