Snowblind - Christopher Golden

This would be a great book to curl up with during a cold and snowy winter's day. Yet with all that happens in this book you might start barricading yourself in a room if you read this during a blizzard. This book follows the residents of Coventry who found themselves in the middle of a blizzard that left many people dead under weird circumstances. Twelve years after the blizzard that they'll never forget, they find themselves in the path of an eerily similar one. This book has been compared to Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot and while I understand that comparison there are clear differences between the two.


This book alternates point-of-view between some residents of Coventry. In the beginning of the book readers see what exactly happened during the first blizzard. Readers and the town of Coventry are introduced to the sinister beings that visit the town and wreak havoc during the blizzard. Tragedy strikes and you wonder how the people of Coventry will be able to move on from it. Twelve years later Coventry is facing another big blizzard and ghosts from the past come back to warn them of things to come.


While this book does change point-of-view a lot, I feel like the majority of this book was focused on the Schapiros. I was interested in their story but I just wish that some focus would have been put on other people in Coventry, especially during the second blizzard. I really enjoyed the mix of the paranormal and supernatural in this book, and was on the edge of my seat by what happened in the last two-fifths. My house is nice and warm but I felt the chill while reading the last two-fifths.


This is a book that will make you feel terror and an icy coldness. If you find yourself reading this during a snowstorm you might spend the whole night awake with fright.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me read this.