Wake - Anna Hope

I haven't read much WWI historical fiction before reading this novel. I've been meaning to read more of it and there was just something that seemed special about this novel that I knew I really wanted to read it. This book was such an emotional journey and I am so glad that I read it.


This book follows three women (Ada, Evelyn, and Hettie) over a five-day period as they struggle to cope with WWI and how it has affected their lives. I loved all three of the women and found them all easy to connect with. I loved that as you read further in the book the women's stories become more intertwined. All of them faced such tragedies and you find out just how connected their stories become. Besides the three women's stories, the book also has the preparations of the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior running throughout the background.


This was such a beautiful book, and it is really a book that touched my heart. You meet these three woman and once you hear their stories you can't help but feel sorrow for them. This is a book that I would recommend for historical fiction fans, particularly those a fan of WWI historical fiction. I look forward to reading more from Anna Hope.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book.