Game (HP Pettersson, #1) - Anders de la Motte

From reading the synopsis of this book I saw that it had the potential of being a really good book. Unfortunately after reading the book I see that it falls short of being a really good book. This book follows Henrik Pettersson, HP, after he finds a cell phone that invites him to play a dangerous, yet thrilling game. I absolutely hated HP. He was a jerk, and he is pathetic and seems to be in denial of the fact that he is pathetic. The more I read the book the more I hated him, yet I also learned why he is the way he is. I do admit that there were a few (and I mean a few) times that I did feel a bit sorry for him. This book also follows Rebecca Normén, a bodyguard with the Swedish Security Police. I liked Rebecca more than I liked HP and really connected and empathized with her. I would have liked to have read more from her perspective.


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I usually do not mind profanity in a book but this book had basically useless profanity in it. It seemed like the profanity was just thrown-in. It wasn't necessarily too much profanity, it was just unnecessary. Another thing I noticed was that some sentences and phrases were awkward. I'm not sure if that is just because the book was translated into English. I thought it was funny that even some of the profanity (i.e. "Suck my ass, mofos!") didn't make sense, or at least wasn't a phrase I felt English speakers would use. The awkwardness of phrases and sentences did seem to lessen my interest in this book a bit.


When I thought about giving a rating for this book I would alternate between thinking that three stars was too generous and that three stars was just right. Ultimately I decided to give this book three stars because I did enjoy some of the action in the book and I really liked some of the twists too. I will be reading the next book in the series because I had already requested it, but it will be after I finish some other books.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this book.