Reading progress update: I've read 17% of "Days in the History of Silence".

Days in the History of Silence - Merethe Lindstrom, Anne Bruce

I am so confused right now. It seems like this book goes off in tangents and rambles a bit and I am a little lost. I believe that this is a translation, but I don't think that is why I am having problems with it. This just seems odd to me. One moment Eva is thinking about how Simon is getting old, and then she starts thinking about Simon's past hiding from Nazis with his family, and then she thinks about this random snail shell she found (which she is certain Simon left there). This is definitely not what I thought it would be. It just seems like the author is trying to hard. I very rarely ever stop reading a book before I finish it but if this keeps going how it is now I might not be finishing this. It just seems a bit too hipster for me. Gah, here I am complaining about the author rambling and now I'm rambling.