A Hundred Summers

A Hundred Summers - Beatriz Williams

This is a perfect beach read. So of course that means that I read it during December. That's okay because I loved this book and reading it in December didn't make me love it any less. This book transported me back in time to a small beach community. This alternates between the present events (1938-1939 oh and also 1944) and the past (1931-1932). I felt the author did a really good job writing about those time periods


Lily is back at the beach for the summer with her family, when to her surprise her former fiance and her former best friend who have now gotten married show show up on the beach. The further you read into this story the more you learn about the past and you learn about why her best friend and former fiance end up married. I hated Lily's former best friend Budgie (That is her stupid nickname. I have a better one for her, pardon my language, Bitchie). I can't believe the nerve of this girl. I could just go on and on rambling about my hatred for her but I'll spare you.


I was on the edge of my seat for what happens towards the end. I had a hunch at what some of the revelations would be and I had actually managed to guess some. I was holding my breath towards the end after what happens when Lily finds out the truth. I was yelling at my kindle thinking the book would end a way I didn't want it to end, but then it ended perfectly. I was flailing with joy when I read the last page.


So to recap (since I just ended up rambling on and not making much sense in order to avoid spoilers) I loved this book and would highly recommend it especially as a beach read.