Reading progress update: I've read 70% of "Defy" by Sara B. Larson.

Defy - Sara B. Larson

Ok so this book did get better after 50% of the way through. The beginning of the book still feels as though I was dropped in the middle of a story. I loved strong Alexa but once her secret was revealed she just became a weak and weepy girl. I am hoping she goes back to being strong Alexa again. Oh and as for that supposed love triangle? I am just not a big fan of it right now. Alexa, right now, basically has her mind made up to who she is choosing so it doesn't really seem like a love triangle to me at all (It kind of reminds me of that whole "Twilight" Team Edward and Team Jacob thing where you knew she'd end up choosing Edward. And quite frankly if I end up comparing a book to Twilight I'd say this book just isn't working for me right now). I hope this turns into more of a love triangle than it was. I am just not enjoying this as much as everyone else. Every review I have seen has raved about it and I just don't see what the fuss is about yet.