Before I Fall

Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

I've read the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver and mostly enjoyed it and had been interested in reading more of her work so I decided to read this. I was a bit wary about the whole re-living the same day over concept (it has been done a lot before and if it isn't done well it can actually be quite annoying) but I feel that Lauren Oliver managed to keep it fresh and interesting.


One of my absolute favorite parts of the book was Sam's growth. I started off reading this book hating Sam and her friends. They were rude, naive, selfish, and yes bitches. The further along I read into this book the more Sam seemed to grow and I started to actually like her. By the end of the book I grew to love her and started tearing up over her decision at the end. I would recommend this book to someone interested in reading a young adult book that will leave you wondering just what you would do if you knew you were going to die?