The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) - James Dashner

This book frustrated me so much. I just got way too wrapped up in it. For some reason I just couldn't stand the new characters in this book and couldn't stand how the characters we already know were acting. I just feel like these poor characters keep getting their chains yanked for nothing, and that is exactly how I felt while reading this. I know that there is some reason to the madness that WICKED is wreaking upon the Gladers and group B but for their sake and mine I would have hoped to have learned more by now. This book had plenty of action and did seem to be more of a dystopian book than the last one so I would recommend those who liked the first book to read this one. I plan on reading the last book in the series, even though I am frustrated, but since I am still on a waiting list for it I'll be taking a tiny break from the series until I manage to get a hold of the book.