The Countess Conspiracy

The Countess Conspiracy  - Courtney Milan

This book probably would have gotten a rating of 3.75 from me but since I can't rate it that I boosted it to a 4. I really enjoy this series and this book did not disappoint. This follows Oliver and Robert's cousin Sebastian and also his friend since childhood Violet Waterfield, Countess of Cambury. Sebastian and Violet have been hiding a secret from everyone, even those closet to them, and now can no longer stand their lies. Their lives could be torn apart if the secret is revealed.


In the previous books in the series I had always enjoyed reading about Sebastian so I was really happy that there was finally a book that followed him. There hadn't been much about Violet in the series (she was in a few parts I believe) so I was interested in reading more about her. The things that are revealed about them in this book reinforced my love of Sebastian and made me love and empathize for Violet. I think that these two just might be my favorite characters of this series.


Fans of this series will enjoy this latest installment. I look forward to the next book in the series.