Sale Alert

Outlander  - Diana Gabaldon

Through the end of the week the kindle version (with bonus content) of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon is only $1.99. For a book that is as many pages as this is that seems quite the deal. I have not read this book and am currently contemplating buying it and reading it. To those who have read this book, would you recommend it?


eta: I thought about it for a little while and I ended up purchasing it. I will put it on my tbr list and will eventually get to it. The price is what really made the decision for me.


eta again: It turns out this promotion only runs through the end of the week and not through January 19th (that was a separate promotion that allowed you to purchase certain sci-fi/fantasy books for $0.99 after you purchsed Outlander). I apologize for getting the date wrong, and have updated it to the correct information.