Sisters petition Mattel to release an American Girl doll with a disability

Melissa Shang is a ten year-old girl with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (a form of muscular dystrophy) and she loves American Girl dolls. She and her sister are petitioning Mattel to release an American Girl doll with a disability. She wants there to be a doll like her, a disabled girl able to overcome her challenges.


I am 100% behind this petition and the url above is the petition in case you want to sign it. American Girl dolls were huge when I was a little girl and I had one that looked just like me (she was Samantha, I don't think they have that one anymore). I feel that every girl deserves to have a doll that not only looks like them but also shares a similar story. I know how much joy my American Girl doll brought me and I hope that Melissa can get the American Girl doll that she wants.