Reading progress update: I've read 9% of "The Waking Engine" by David Edison.

The Waking Engine - David Edison

I am so lost and confused right now, but then again so is the main character so I can really sympathize with him right now. Even though I am only 9% into the book I don't feel as though everything is being explained well at all. Cooper just finds himself dead and plopped down in the City Unspoken. His anger at first seemed way too over dramatic to me but the more that I read this book the more confused and angry I became so I can kind of see where he is coming from. What I understand is that most people die multiple times and that when they go to the City Unspoken they can find the gateway to True Death but it isn't easy as easy as just finding a gate somewhere. What I don't understand is why all these people in the City Unspoken are going looney, what is so important about Cooper having a navel, and why Asher wanted to find Cooper. I also don't like the way this has been written so far. It feels like the author just had to have an adjective for everything. Some descriptions in this are just awkward. I've had to re-read some passages in order to better understand them. I also haven't found a likeable character in this book yet. Hopefully things start to become clearer.