We Are Here

We Are Here - Michael Marshall

I have a bone to pick with this book, or specifically with the description of the book. The book description makes it seems as though this book would mainly focus on the character David, a former teacher who is finally going to accomplish his dream of publishing a book. When going to New York City to meet with his publisher David bumps into a stranger who mysteriously states "Remember me." I was hook in by the description that focuses only on David and the mysterious stranger that wants something from him. Little did I know that David was not the focus of this book. I feel like the description should be changed to at least mention some of the other characters focused on in this book.


I started reading this book and was hooked in by the prologue. It was a bit suspenseful and was at times downright scary. I was really interested in seeing how that connected with the rest of the story. Then I started Part I and I really enjoyed following David as he is in New York City. But then all of a sudden we stop following David and he really isn't mention that much in Part I. Instead we are introduced to Jon and Kristina, a couple who work in a restaurant in NYC, and also to some other characters. While I didn't mind reading about those characters I really was interested in David's story.


I became confused at times as to what exactly certain characters were (i.e. Lizzie, Maj, etc.). At times I like David, Jon, and Kristina, struggled with my frustration at not knowing what they were. An explanation was eventually offered as to what they were but by that time I had given up caring.


While I was most interested in David's story I do admit that I feel like certain characters had what seemed like interesting backstories that I wish had been more fleshed out. Jon's backstory seemed especially interesting and I feel I would have connected better with him if I had seen more of his past.


There was some action at the end of this book and I did enjoy it. I do feel as though the events surrounding Reinhart's plans could have been explained a bit more, it seemed as it was just barely mentioned at the end what had happened (i.e. the part about "Jessica").


Overall this seemed to go back and forth between the characters so much that I couldn't really connect with any of them and at times I became confused with what was happening and would receive explanations way later in the book. I spent this book frustrated and for that reason wouldn't recommend it.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me the chance to read this book.