Security breach at Librarything, users urged to change their passwords

So announced today that way back in November 2011 there was a security breach and emails and encrypted passwords of users were stolen. Librarything only just found out about the breach now. They are urging all users to change their passwords. They are also upgrading the accounts of all members who joined before November 2011 to lifetime members.


Denise's commentary on this:

I understand that security breaches happen and can be difficult to prevent but how am I expected to trust a website with my personal information (no financial information was taken as none is stored) when they are just learning about this breach now? Is this why I have been having some difficulties with my email and I have to check my email activity daily now? I have just lost some trust in this website and it is going to take some time for them to earn it back.


Just wanted to let fellow members of Librarything know what was going on.