Precious Thing

Precious Thing - Colette McBeth

This book is filled with so many twists it just might give you whiplash. Precious Thing is about two childhood friends who reunite as adults and are then torn apart again. Rachel, who was shy and awkward as a child, now works as a news reporter and her life can't get any better. The same can't be said for her childhood best friend Clara. As a child Clara was the girl that everyone wanted to be friends with but as an adult her life is starting to spiral out of control. When Rachel is sent out on a story, which just happens to be the news of Clara's disappearance, her whole life is turned upside down and memories from her past come back to haunt her.


Rachel and Clara have a very complex friendship and you can see that throughout the book. They start their friendship being inseparable as children and like some friendships they grow apart as they get older. This isn't a normal friendship though, they grow apart because of some dark reasons. Those reasons kept being alluded to throughout the book and at times I became a bit frustrated because I was dying to know what they were. When they were finally revealed I was not disappointed.


I liked most of the twists of this book but sometimes it felt like a bit much, like overkill. Just when you thought you knew what was going on you realized that really you had no idea. I really enjoyed all the happened at the ending of the book and how readers finally get to see the characters as they really are. Overall I really enjoyed Precious Thing but at times felt a bit impatient to know what had happened.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.