Labor Day

Labor Day - Joyce Maynard

I probably would have liked this if I was a mother, or if I wasn't such a cynic when it comes to love. I decided to read this book when I saw a trailer for the movie version of it. While it was a relatively short book I found it to be dull at times and filled with characters that I didn't like. I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading this though, people will love this book.


This is basically of coming of age story about Henry who experiences some life-changing events during Labor day weekend when he is 13. This is told from Henry's point-of-view and I didn't really understand why it was told in first person point-of-view until the end. Henry lives with his mother Adele who rarely wants to leave the house. Towards the end when it is revealed why she is the way she is I did feel a bit sorry for her. I just couldn't believe that she would let this escaped convict into her house. It just seemed like she wasn't doing what was best for her child.


Labor Day was well written but it just didn't provide me with a story that I felt was compelling or captivating. I could never connect with or like the characters. There will be people out there who love this book but it just wasn't the book for me.