Reading progress update: I've read 29% of "Belle Cora" by Phillip Margulies.

Belle Cora - Phillip Margulies

I have a feeling that it is going to take me a while to finish this book. I just finished reading a part that was disturbing and for some reason I became close to stopping reading this and marking it dnf. I think it is because I know that there are some dark things in store for Arabella and I just feel so sorry for her and don't want to see those things happen to her. From what I've read so far it is no wonder that Arabella turns out the way she does. I am angry at the way she is being treated as a child (after she and her brother Lewis moved in with their aunt and uncle). This is definitely well written but these subjects just aren't for everyone. Ultimately I have decided to continue on with reading this book because it is interesting and I really like Arabella but I am going to read this slowly. I am also going to try to read lighter books to balance this out.