Reading progress update: I've read 60% of Belle Cora by Phillip Margulies.

Belle Cora - Phillip Margulies

So in my last reading update for this book I said that I'd probably be reading this slowly because I just felt too emotionally connected to the main character and bad things had just happened to her and I didn't think I could take more of that. Well I think that got thrown out the window because once I started reading this again I got hooked in the story and the pages kept flying by.


I still feel overly connected to Arabella (although in some circles she is now known as Harriet). She has been through a lot and the blame for why she is the way she is can mostly be put on the way her family has treated her. I can't really say that Arabella is happy with where she is in her life right now but she is in control and isn't struggling to get by each day.


Right now Jeptha is back in her life. He doesn't know the truth about who she really is and I'm worried about where their relationship appears to be headed. It looks like Arabella is finally going to get the one thing she thinks she wants, Jeptha's love, but I wonder if it really is the thing she still wants or needs. Arabella has changed since she was that little girl on her aunt and uncle's farm and I don't think Jeptha is the right man for her anymore. Her love for Jeptha kind of reminds me of Scartlett's love of Ashley Wilkes in Gone With the Wind.


This is probably one of the most thought out and longest reading update I have done (it is about the size of my normal reviews) but that is because the author has created such a complex character that no matter what she does I still find myself rooting for her.