Reading progress update: I've read 63 out of 278 pages of "My Lady of the Bog" by Peter Hayes.

My Lady of the Bog - Peter Hayes

This has been really fascinating so far reading about Xander Donne and the anthropological find that was stumbled upon in an English bog. A young woman's body, that could possibly be hundreds if not thousands of years old, is found fully preserved in a bog and Donne is brought on the case in the beginning. Donne becomes strangely connected to the woman known as Albemarle. It almost gets creepy how connected he is with the body, almost as though she is his lover or something. Donne fought to stay on this case because he isn't really the most qualified (he doesn't have a doctorate and doesn't have as much experience as others do). I like reading about the Middle English gods and culture that Albemarle possibly experienced. So far they theorize that she has been sacrificed to a god or gods and that she was thought to be a witch. I am looking forward to reading more.