Reading progress update: I've read 44% of "Sinful Folk" by Ned Hayes.

Sinful Folk - Nikki McClure, Ned Hayes

While I love historical fiction and have read a lot of it, this is still a somewhat new subject for me. I haven't read much about England in the 1300's. Reading this book and seeing what life was like in the 1300's in England is really an eye-opening experience.


I don't yet know all that Mear (aka Miriam) has gone through but from what I do know I can really empathize with her. To live in such fear everyday that someone will discover your secrets must be hell. Now someone has accompanied Mear and the others on their journey that she told her secrets to many years before. If her fear wasn't bad enough she must also now live with her grief. The person that she held dearest was killed.


I had seen rave reviews of this book from people that I trust so when I saw this still up on NetGalley I snagged it up. This has been fascinating so far and I can't wait to read more.