Reading progress update: I've read 32% of "The Word Exchange" by Alena Graedon.

The Word Exchange: A Novel - Alena Graedon

I am so caught up in this book right now. I do feel quite guilty for reading it on my Kindle though. I feel like if you are a logophile or bibliophile then this would be a great book for you. I was initially sold on this purely by this line of the book description:

'In the not-so-distant future, the forecasted “death of print” has become a reality'.

In today's world of smartphones and e-readers I feel like this book is a cautionary tale of what this great technology can really do to our lives. Of course this is fiction but it is almost eerie how true to life some of this is. I never leave the house without my Kindle and almost never leave without my phone. It is alarming how dependent we have become on our electronic devises.


I am going to go dive back into this book but already I can tell that this is going to be on my best reads of 2014 list.