The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North

This was a solid book that takes a fresh look at reincarnation. This follows Harry August a man who finds out that he is a Ouroboro, someone that is born then dies and then is born again as the same person. There are groups of these people (the group is known as the Cronus Club) and during the end of one of his lives he receives a message from one of them that the world is ending and he goes on a mission to find out why it is ending and what is causing it.


Harry August was at times easy to empathize with and at other times easy to become frustrated with because of certain actions he takes. Most of the first half of the book is spent jumping around his many lives and it felt like just when I was getting interested in one life it would jump to the next. They weren't laid out in chronological order.


While I did like reading about Harry sometimes I would wonder why this book was concentrated on him and not on the Cronus Club (I was really interested in the Cronus Club. At times I wish this book had really gone into more about the history of the Cronus Club and about how they operate.) His journey or mission doesn't really come in until the middle of the book. After finishing the book I do realize why it was necessary to read all about Harry's lives though.


I feel like some people might give up on this book pretty early because it tends to jump around a lot (for the first half at least) but I feel like it is definitely worth it to stick around for the second half. Once Harry really gets deep into his journey for vengeance this book really picks up. I do have to say that the ending left me sitting thinking "No! You can't just leave us like that!" Overall I felt that it was a good book although I feel like the first half could still use some work.


After I finished reading this book I looked up the author, Claire North, to see if she had written any other books and I found this about Claire:


"Claire North is a pseudonym for an acclaimed British author who has previously published several novels. This book is completely different from any of them."


Hmm...that definitely had me wondering who it was, and making wild theories about it. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.