Iron Kissed

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

I never accomplish anything while reading a Mercy Thompson book, but that does not bother me one bit because this series has been fantastic so far. This book was no exception. Even though this was probably the darkest book so far in the series I feel like it was the best of the series.


I really enjoyed reading more about the fae but I have to say that this book didn't really endear them to me, except for a few of them. Some of the magic they are able to do and the objects that they own are horrifying but still interesting.


The love triangle really progressed in this book and by that I mean it is a love triangle no more. I am so glad that this love triangle wasn't dragged throughout the series. I won't name any names but another series that I had read dragged a love triangle out for many books and when I finally had given up on the series it still hadn't been resolved.


What happened to Mercy towards the end broke my heart. To see her so broken was shocking. She is normally so strong but this will take some time for her to heal. She does seem to have great support around her.


I really am dying to read more of this series but I don't want to end up rushing right through it. It seems like I fly right through every book that I read in this series and I want to be able to enjoy the experience of reading these books for the first time as long as I can. I will have to dig deep to find some self control to not binge read through the other books in the series.