Overwatch - Marc Guggenheim

This was a solid thriller that had a little legal drama with a lot of super secret intelligence work. This was filled with twists, action, and a whole lot of deaths. The main character, Alex Garnett, is an attorney who takes a job with the CIA in hopes that he can finally move out of the shadow of his former Chief of Staff and Solicitor General father. He thinks that he will be doing legal work for the CIA but little does he know that he will be caught up in a conspiracy older than the CIA that just might cost him his life.


I started off reading this book not liking Alex that much. He just seemed to be a little bit of a jerk. The more I read this and the more dangerous experiences Alex found himself in the more that I actually started to like Alex and root for him. Eventually what I realized is that Alex had a lot of courage and was brave to try and uncover what was really going on.


I enjoyed that this book switched point-of-views between a couple characters from time to time. Seeing everything from Alex's point-of-view and then actually seeing what was truly happening around the world really enhanced the book for me.


I loved all the twists and the action in this book. I love how the action builds throughout the book until there is an explosion of action at the end. While I liked all the action at the end I feel like it did kind of wrap up really fast.


I liked that however frightening the events in this book were they seemed like that they were things that could actually happen. This book was fiction but it wasn't outlandish. I would recommend this book if you're looking for a solid thriller book that will lead you deep into the CIA. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.