Reading progress update: I've read 233 out of 585 pages of "The Lost Sisterhood" by Anne Fortier.

The Lost Sisterhood - Anne Fortier

I have been so caught up in this novel that last night that I kept telling myself "okay, one more chapter." Of course it was never just one more chapter. Finally I managed to force myself to go to sleep and now I am really tired but still eager to see where this book goes.


I didn't know that this book would alternate between the present and the past (the late Bronze age). I have enjoyed reading about both of the time periods and main characters for those time periods, Diana for the present and Myrina for the past.


I really didn't like Nick when he first showed up but he is growing on me only a teeny bit. I think I hated him at first because of the way he treated Diana and because I thought he could possibly somehow become of love interest for her. I, of course, wanted her to have more of a relationship with James. Now something just seems off with James and I'm not too sure about him either.


Well I'm off to dive in to the world of Amazons.