Ruins - Dan Wells

"I'm glad we could have our tearful reunion before I crapped my pants from fear."

I was going to start off my review with a sentimental quote from the book about love but I felt like this quote from Marcus was pretty awesome. Wow, what an ending to a really great series. I have to warn you now that this might just turn into me rambling incoherently about how great this book was.


Before I read this book I went back and re-read the other books (and novella) of the series to refresh my memory. After I did that, I couldn't wait to see what happened to all of the characters. In this book the point-of-view switches between many characters so readers get to see what is going on everywhere. While I have grown to like Kira I did enjoy that in this book you get in the minds of other characters and really get to see what is driving all of them. The story was really enhanced by that and it even helped me sympathize with characters that I hated before reading this. I thought I hated Heron but by golly was I wrong. I grew to love her and feel so horrible for her.


I loved that this book answered all the questions. This book didn't leave readers with some half ending. This was a definite end to the series and boy what a great ending it was. I swear my reactions to this book while reading the second half of it would have made some pretty amazing gifs. Your adrenaline will be pumping until the absolute end. I really don't want to give too much away but I just want to say that I loved how the love triangle between Kira, Marcus, and Samm was resolved. Pretty much I just loved the ending.


I ended this book wanting to give Dan Wells a standing ovation. I would definitely recommend this series to readers that really love young adult dystopian books. I feel like this series is kind of under the radar but it is definitely worth reading.