The Vikings

The Vikings - Magnus Magnusson

For someone like me who had little knowledge of the Vikings (except for common misconceptions) before reading this book, this was a fascinating and informative read. Magnus Magnusson manages to take readers back to the Viking Age and discusses the Viking culture through archeological finds, sagas about famous Vikings, and other aides. I really liked that this book was broken up into chapters that discussed the different areas in which the Vikings were prevalent. It made it easier to read about the countries and their Viking history one at a time as opposed to altogether at once. This book provided me not only with knowledge about the Vikings but also a good list of sagas to read (the book doesn't actually make a list of sagas but I noted all the sagas Magnusson mentioned and plan on reading some if not most of them). If you are curious about Vikings and want to read about the Viking Age and culture than I would definitely recommend this book to you. Thanks to SusannaG for recommending this book to me.