Reading progress update: I've read 15% of "The Falling Woman" by Pat Murphy.

The Falling Woman - Pat Murphy

(ETA: I take back everything I just said about Elizabeth. I flipped to the next page and found out why she is the way she is towards her daughter. Now I feel just cruel, the poor woman. See this is why you shouldn't make snap judgments about people, Denise!)


God this woman is so cold towards her daughter. Right now I am finding it hard to like or care about Elizabeth Butler. She divorces her husband and leaves her daughter, Diane, (when she was a child) with her ex-husband and then barely ever sees her daughter. She basically abandoned her daughter and now when her daughter has come to see her after her father has died Elizabeth is so cold and indifferent to her. If I was Diane I would have showed up there and slapped Elizabeth. Diane is going through a lot right now and clearly needs someone to comfort her and all Elizabeth cares about are dead people. The more that I think about it the more that I pity Elizabeth. She could have had a relationship with her daughter but instead she ran away from her daughter. She just makes me so angry right now.