All Caught Up

Ok so this isn't book related and some people are probably tired of hearing me talk about this but I have finally finished watching season one of Vikings. It was really interesting knowing where the characters are in season two before watching season one and getting to see how they got there.


This definitely changed how I feel about certain characters. I pity Siggy now, I feel some anger towards Rollo (before watching season one I actually felt sorry for him), and by god do I feel anger towards Ragnar. I just want to slap Ragnar and be like "You're an idiot." I hated Aslaug before watching season one and my feelings towards her haven't really changed, although when watching her with her children in season two I do like her a teeny bit. Oh and as far as Athelstan is concerned I have to say that I like his hair better in season two than in season one (I absolutely love him in both seasons and am worried about him now).


I have finished in time for the new episode tonight and it supposedly going to be shocking so I am concerned about characters being killed off. Well we'll see what happens.


(Side note: So I like Donal Logue as King Horik but every time I see him I still see him as Sean Finnerty on Grounded For Life and I keep expecting Claudia to walk in and be like "What the hell are you doing?")