Reading progress update: I've read 26% of "The Lost Catacomb" by Shifra Hochberg.

The Lost Catacomb - Shifra Hochberg

I have really enjoyed this book so far. I love seeing the mystery start to appear in the book and I also really enjoy reading about Nicola and Bruno. I do have an teeny problem with this book right now. So Nicola and Bruno just moved into a romantic relationship and right away were all lovey-dovey and immediately in love with one another. Quite frankly I was all on board for this romance until they started professing their love and then I was like "No! Why'd you have to ruin it?" I have never liked characters to be super lovey-dovey right away and fall madly in love in a second, it just never works for me. At least they managed to have a friendship/working relationship before the romance came in though.


I feel like I might know where the whole mystery of Nicola's grandmother's past in Italy is going and I hope that I am surprised at where it goes. I am just really looking forward to reading more about the mystery that Nicola and Bruno has uncovered and more about Nicola's grandmother's past.