Reading progress update: I've read 77% of "SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon".

SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon - Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo

The action in this book has been amazing but I have to say that Crocker is being an absolute jackass. He is completely ignoring his daughter and his wife. His father clearly needs his help, even though he won't admit it, and Crocker is just too busy for him. His wife Holly has gone through some really traumatic things and really needs Crocker to be there for her. Now that Crocker has experienced a lot and is on a six week break (that was forced on him because he just won't take any time off) this is what he has to say about Holly:

Two, he was disappointed in Holly. Even though he loved her deeply, she wasn't as available to him as before, and he needed her, which bothered him.

And then Crocker goes on to fantasize about a woman that isn't his wife. In the words of Alec Baldwin you are being a "rude thoughtless little pig." What an absolute jerk! Holly is going to end up leaving you and when that happens I will be cheering her on. I just worry about what will happen to his daughter.