SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon

SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon - Don Mann, Ralph Pezzullo

"By the way, Doc Petrovian told me some of the other people with your combination of personality traits include Al Capone, Fidel Castro, and Jeffrey Dahmer."


"I'm thinking of sending someone over to your house to see what you store in your freezer."

After being a bit disappointed by the last book in the series I am pleased to say that I really enjoyed this installment. The new mission that Crocker and his squad get called to do is personal for Crocker. The squad is sent on a mission to hunt down a man that had Crocker's wife kidnapped and who was responsible for the deaths of some of Crocker's friends and colleagues. Crocker is dedicated to succeeding and nothing will get in his way.


There seemed to be action everywhere you turned in this book. This was probably the best book in the series action-wise. Crocker and his squad are traveling all over the world and everywhere that they go they end up in the middle of danger. The thing that I've learned by now in this series is that the main members of the squad tend to get injured (at times seriously injured) but if you are someone helping the squad well then look out. You are likely to get certain body part cut off, tortured, and/or killed. Geez no one would help them if they knew about what has happened to those that have previously helped the squad.


Boy was I annoyed by Crocker in this book. It really feels like he abandons his family when they need him the most. His wife experienced something really traumatic and just needs him to be there for her and he has this to say about her:

Two, he was disappointed in Holly. Even though he loved her deeply, she wasn't as available to him as before, and he needed her, which bothered him.

Really? It seems like he only wants them to be there for him but he never wants to have to deal with their problems. His daughter isn't doing well in school, and I don't buy her excuses, and he just brushes it off. His father is also in need of help and Crocker doesn't really want to deal with him either. Crocker was forced to take a break in this book and I feel like he really needs a break to concentrate on himself and his family but he probably won't ever go on another break. If or when Holly finally decides to leave him I will definitely be cheering her on. I just really worry about what would happen to his daughter then.


I am really enjoying this series and am looking forward to reading the latest installment of it. I hope Crocker starts really paying attention to his family before he ends up losing them. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me the chance to read SEAL Team Six: Hunt the Falcon.