The Body in the Woods

The Body in the Woods - April Henry

For Alexis Frost, Nick Walker, and Ruby McClure it all started with a phone call and two texts. It ended with fear and courage, love and loathing, screaming and blood. Lots of blood.

This is the first book in the Point Last Seen series and it follows three teens(Ruby, Nick, and Alexis) who have recently joined their local Search and Rescue team. While out searching for a lost man they find the body of a dead teenage girl. After finding the girl they vow to help solve her murder and as they get closer to the killer they release that one of them is in grave danger.


For the most part I liked the three main characters. At first I didn't like Ruby one bit. She just plain annoyed me. The more I read this book the more she started to grow on me, just like the more time Alexis and Nick spent with her the more she grew on them. I didn't really like Nick when I started the book either. I just had a hard time connecting with him. I did start to like him more when he explains about his father and you can see how that really drives him. I felt so bad for Alexis throughout this book. She had to deal with a lot on her own. I hope for her sake that things get better for her in the next book of the series.


I felt like the mystery behind who was the killer wasn't obvious at all. I kept trying to guess who it was and was wrong every time. I loved that the book switched point-of-view between not only Nick, Alexis, and Ruby but also the killer. It really made the story more interesting getting to be inside the killer's head.


I really liked all the suspense and action towards the end. I also enjoyed that Ruby, Alexis, and Nick really become friends at the end because of all that they went through together. I am really looking forward to reading more of this series. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.