Reading progress update: I've read 82% of "You."

You - Austin Grossman

This is just insufferably boring right now. Russell is currently playing Solar Empires II: The Ten-Thousand-Year Sleepover and this part is written as though "You" (the reader) are playing the game. Here is a passage from this part to better show what I mean:

You are just a few titles from the exit ladder when a trap closes around you, walls that slide into place, obviously a designer-driven effect. So much for interactivity. There's no way out.

I swear this kind of reads like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books (or at least when Russell is playing the games), except for we can't choose anything in this book. This book was clearly meant for hardcore gamers or designers because I can barely get through this. I am probably going to take this off of my 'mystery' shelf because even though there is a mystery in this I wouldn't consider this a mystery book at all (mostly just fantasy/sci-fi).


I am really hoping that I finish this today because I just want to be done with this book.