Now I See You

Now I See You - Nicole C. Kear

Tip #8: On driving

Just because you are in possession of a valid driver's license does not mean you should get behind the wheel. That would be like saying that just because your acid-washed jeans from high school fit, you should wear them.

What an absolutely hilarious, uplifting, and inspiring memoir. At the age of 19 Nicole C. Kear is diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, which in ten years or so will leave her blind. The doctor who gives her that diagnosis warns her that she will start to need to make changes. Well Nicole does make changes, she turns her motto into "carpe fucking diem" and tries to experience as much as she can before she becomes blind. However when she gets married and starts having children around the deadline age for her vision she will start to make some real changes in order to protect her children. Well that doesn't mean that she still isn't somewhat in denial.


The reason that I called this uplifting and inspiring is because Kear deals with her diagnosis in ways that any other person might. She has her breakdowns, her denial, her fear, but yet she also has her moments of joy, and thankfulness for her experiences. She doesn't suddenly become SuperMom (although she is going for Mom of the Year) but she does her best to keep her children happy and safe and do what is best for her family.


This memoir was just hilarious. I was constantly laughing and highlighting passages from it on my Kindle. One of my favorite parts of this and one of the funniest parts were the "Tips for the (Secretly) Blind" that Kear includes before each chapter.


I would highly recommend this memoir, and would especially recommend it to all mothers. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.