Reading and Life Updates

Reading Updates:

Right now I am currently re-reading the Maggie Hope Mystery series (even though it doesn't show in currently reading). I finished re-reading the first book of the series yesterday and am currently re-reading the second one. I hope to have finished re-reading the series before June starts as I am planning on reading the next book in the series (which is going to be published on July 1) in the beginning of June (I was approved on NetGalley and am so excited about it).


I am thinking about starting some of my June NetGalley books early, but we'll see about that.


Life Updates:

My car desperately needs an oil change so I'll be doing that today. I've been neglecting poor Tori (That is my car's name. She is a 1999 Ford Contour SE so I named her Tori.) and it is about time she gets a little attention.


I am so happy that the Hawks won last night. That game was absolute torture but I am ecstatic that they managed to get the win and to force a game 6. My breathing has gone back to normal but that game did not do wonders for my anxiety level.


Oh and I will be getting Chinese food for lunch today. So as you can see, my life is absolutely riveting.