The String Diaries

The String Diaries - Stephen Lloyd Jones

"It's difficult to defeat an enemy when you don't know his face."

I was really excited to read this book. It looked like it had the right mix of mystery, suspense, and fantasy. After having finished this book I do feel that it is a good book but sadly it wasn't a great book.


I'm going to try not to give too much plot summary or turn this into a book description. I'll just say that this book alternates between Hungary in the 19th century, Oxford in the 1970's, and present day Wales. While the book does switch to other locations, those are the three main locations and time periods.


I really loved reading the first half of this book. The characters were really interesting and I loved how you slowly got to see how the events that took place in the different places and time periods were all connected. The second half of the book really dragged for me. While there was a lot of suspense and some really big events I just became impatient for the final showdown to happen and spent most of the second half wondering when it would finally happen.


The ending of this book disappointed me. I liked the way that the ending seemed like it was going before the last big twist. What happened at the end just seemed too convenient and like it was used just so there could possibly be a sequel.


Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the galley.