I Support Hachette and its Authors

I've been watching what is happening with Amazon and Hachette and haven't said anything until now. I admit that I use Amazon to purchase paper books and ebooks mainly because I keep getting Amazon gift cards and because I own a Kindle. I knew that Amazon had a history of things like what they are now doing with Hachette and quite frankly I ignored it. Now when they are doing this to Hachette, quite possibly the publisher (and its imprints) that I read the most titles from, I just can't ignore or excuse their behavior anymore.


I have decided now to stop purchasing books and ebooks from Amazon. I still have some gift cards left and I don't want to waste them so I will be using them and then I am done getting books from Amazon (and I'll make sure to tell others to get me gift cards from other book retailers).


I have been looking to pre-order The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling) and I will now be looking to my local bookstores or online at Barnes & Noble or Walmart. I know that my purchases are a tiny, tiny drop in Amazon's profits but with all that they have done and are doing I just can't support them anymore.