Reading progress update: I've read 41% of "The Geography of You and Me."

The Geography of You and Me - Jennifer E. Smith

I remember when the blackout happened back in 2003. I live in Chicago so I clearly was not affected by it but I do remember being amazed at some images that I saw of it. I remember seeing these pictures of herds of people walking on their way home from work and just being awestruck at the amount of people. I requested this book on Netgalley once I got the email about it being available because I really liked the idea that the two main characters meet in a blackout (I'm not sure if this actually takes place in the 2003 blackout).


So far I have enjoyed reading this. I am starting to be more interested in reading about Owen than about Lucy. I am a bit annoyed that just when they are developing a relationship (mostly a friendship) they are both leaving, but I am interested in seeing where their relationship goes now that they are separated.