Blood Always Tells

Blood Always Tells - Hilary Davidson

"I only know what the newspapers said. But I also know that blood always tells. Your mother was a murderer. You're capable of killing a man just like she did."

I am a big fan of Hilary Davidson's Lily Moore mystery series so when I heard that she had a stand-alone novel out I knew that I had to read it. Blood Always Tells had everything that I love about the Lily Moore mystery series, interesting characters, rich plots that hook you in, and great twists and turns that leave you guessing throughout. I kept thinking that I had things all figured out but really I had no idea.


This book is split up in three parts, one that follows Dominique (a model turned stylist who just wants to get revenge on her married ex-boyfriend), one that follows Desmond (Dominique's brother), and the other one I won't say who it follows as I don't want to give any spoilers.


I really loved reading about Dominique and Desmond. They both have dealt with some hardships in their past and I was really interested in reading about what had happened with their mother and father. In the beginning you always sense there is more to the story about their parents that you are first told. Quite frankly you get that feeling all the time while reading this book, there is always more to the story.


With Hilary Davidson's novels there always so many twists and turns that I am left on the edge of my seat constantly trying to guess at what really happened. That is one thing that I really love about this book and her other novels, it isn't easy to guess what happened everything is really messy.


I have one tiny bone to pick with this novel. Desmond mentions that he lives in Hammond, Indiana but he calls it "the Chicago suburb of Hammond, Indiana." I live in the suburbs of Chicago and I do not consider Hammond, Indiana to be a Chicago suburb. It is northwest Indiana to me and not the Chicago suburbs. I guess it probably differs depending on who you ask but it really irks me when people lump northwest Indiana into the suburbs of Chicago. Clearly this is an issue that I get irrationally annoyed at.


As with all of Hilary Davidson's novels I would recommend this if you are looking for a mystery with some great twists and turns.