Cop Town

Cop Town - Karin Slaughter

"There's a sporting goods store on Central Ave. near the university. Wear your uniform and they'll give you the lock for free. Actually, wear your uniform whenever you can. You'll get free coffee, free food, free groceries."

Kate put her purse on top of Maggie's. "Is that legal?"

"Anything's legal if you can get away with it." Maggie slammed the locker closed. "Welcome to the Atlanta Police Department."

This is the first novel by Karin Slaughter that I have read. I have seen some praise for her and have been wanting to read her Will Trent series and her Grant County series but have never gotten around to it. Now that Cop Town, her first stand-alone novel, was going to be released I felt like it would be good to start with it.


This book follows Maggie and Kate, two women police officers in Atlanta during the 1970's, as they try to do their jobs and deal with the prejudices against them at the same time. Boy did this book have prejudice; sexism, racism, homophobia, you name it. It is understandable that prejudice would be a prevalent part in this book because people weren't extremely open minded in Atlanta in the 1970's.


Maggie and Kate were both interesting characters to follow. Kate is a rookie police officer and she is partnered up with Maggie who has been with the department for a few years. They both have their problems that they have to deal with but they are also stronger than they think that they are. I really enjoyed watching their working relationship get better (as Kate learned more) and watching their friendship grow.


I was completely clueless as to who was killing the police officers. When the person was finally revealed I was surprised. I really liked the action after the reveal and enjoyed how kickass both Maggie and Kate were. I know that this is a stand-alone novel but I would really love for this to turn into the Lawson and Murphy series (with occasional cameos from Gail, because I just loved Gail in this book). I don't want to beg but Karin Slaughter please make this a series!


I look forward to reading Karin Slaughter's previous work and her future work. I really enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to fans of crime novels.


[I received this book from a Librarything Early Reviewers giveaway. The content of my review is not affected by that in any way.]