Power Play

Power Play: A Novel - Danielle Steel

It never dawned on her what it was like being a mother, and the kind of things you worried about, or imagined, or how many things could go wrong, really bad ones. It was Fiona's job to be aware of all those things, and be ready to spring into action when necessary, like the Red Cross or the fire department.

Usually when I type 'power play' I'm talking about hockey, but now I'll be talking about another one of my loves, books. This is the first book by Danielle Steel that I've read and the only reason why I read it is because my mother checked it out from the library with my card so I figured I might as well read it too. Despite being annoyed by certain characters I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book and how much I wanted to follow these characters' lives.


I really enjoyed that this book highlighted women in various roles; Fiona, a CEO of a big coporation, Lily, a coporate wife, and Alyssa, a single mother for most of the week. I really became interested in the lives of all three of the women. At times I was annoyed with some of them but I was still interested in where they would eventually end up. I was really happy with how they all ended up in the end.


I hated Marshall Weston, he was a jerk. I don't want to give too much away but he was just so selfish and treated everyone like garbage. Quite frankly I feel like he ended up in a place that was too good for him at the end. At times he made me not want to continue on with reading this book but I was too interested in everyone else's lives to not finish reading this book.


Overall I felt like this was an interesting and enjoyable read. I managed to finish it during an afternoon and was satisfied by the ending.