How do you catalog without an isbn or publication date?

Last year I bought an old volume of The Complete Works of Shakespeare Gathered into One Volume. I tried looking in the volume for a publication year to better help me catalog it online as I plan to read it. The cover is red (and unfortunatle the binding is falling off, but it is still readable) and with all the research that I have done so far I have only been able to find editions with a blue cover.  I know that the authors for this edition are Arthur Henry Bullen, Sir Paul Harvey, and William Shakespeare. The only edition I could find on Booklikes was an edition with a publication date in 2014. Since I don't know much about my edition should I just use the edition that Booklikes has or try to make a different edition? I think my edition could possibly be from anywhere between the late 1930's to the early 1960's (There was a dedication handwritten in the book from April 9,1962 so it had to be published before then.).