Reading progress update: I've read 50% of "Threats of Sky and Sea."

Threats of Sky and Sea (3 Book Series) - Jennifer Ellision

The cover of this book is just so pretty (so blue, yet so pretty). I am a sucker for a nice cover with a girl wearing a fabulous dress. Luckily, not only does this book have a good cover it is also a good ya read. Breena has been a good character to follow and I'm really interested in the whole Elementals thing and am eager to find out how it connects to Breena. I couldn't help while reading this to ignore the character descriptions and cast people in roles whether or not they met the descriptions. For the King I am imagining him as Gabriel Byrne, but how he looked in the tv show Vikings, and for Lady Kat I am imagining her as Jessalyn Gilsig and how she looked in Vikings as well (clearly I have Vikings on the brain).


I am looking forward to reading the second half and seeing what is to come.