Unveiled - Courtney Milan

"I do believe we are straying into the improper," she said.

"Oh, no," he contradicted. "We aren't straying. I had hoped we had embarked on a deliberate voyage."

I have not read a Courtney Milan book that I haven't enjoyed so yesterday when I was in the mood to read a good romance book I decided to start a series from her that I haven't read yet. This book had everything in it that I like about Courtney Milan's books; characters with depth, a good storyline, some great steamy scenes, and a swoon-worthy male main character.


Margaret and Ash were characters that I really enjoyed following. They both clearly had their struggles which seemed to all go back to the same thing, who was to become the heir to the current duke. When Margaret poses as a nurse she struggles with her loyalty to her family as she discovers Ash isn't quite the villain that she thought he was. Ash just wants to make things right for his brothers by becoming heir to the duke but as he struggles with his own vulnerabilities he opens up to Margaret unaware as to her true identity.


I really loved that Courtney Milan's books not only have some great steamy scenes but also have great characters and plots. Margaret and Ash are characters with depth who struggle with their vulnerabilities. The characters drive this story and what great characters they were. I look forward to reading the rest of this series and I would highly recommend Courtney Milan's books to someone looking for great historical romance novels.