Reading and Life Updates

Reading Updates:

Right now I am slowly re-reading Gone With the Wind (I say slowly because I have a ton of books in my tbr pile that need to be read this month and I keep adding to that list). I am on page 323 and remembering exactly why I first fell in love with GWTW.


Today I plan on starting Killer Image by Wendy Tyson. I was approved for the second book in the Allison Campbell Mysteries series (Deadly Assets) so I went and bought the first one (Killer Image) to catch up.


Life Updates:

WIMBLEDON STARTED TODAY!! I love watching Wimbledon and it is on my bucket list to someday go there and watch in person. Back in my senior year of high school I had this plan that I would go to Wimbledon and Rafael Nadal would spot me in the stands and fall madly in love with me. While I now don't think that will happen, I can still dream and possibly even write a short story about it. I'll be obviously rooting for Nadal to win and also cheering for Andy Murray.