Reading progress update: I've read 39% of "Killer Image."

Killer Image - Wendy Tyson

Everyone in this book either has major problems, a past that haunts them, both, or is screwed up in some other way (even the dog that just showed up, Brutus, has problems). I don't want a book where everything goes right for all the characters all the time but geez you would think someone in this book would have their shit together. To everyone around her Allison seems to have everything together but she is still haunted by her past and it affects the decisions she makes right now.


I feel like this is still going a bit slow as their is a lot of time spent on discussing the characters' pasts. It is interesting getting to see what has happened to the characters before and why it has motivated them right now but I was really hoping the investigation into the murder of Arnie Feldman would have picked up a bit more by now. I am not really a fan of the change of point-of-view in this book. While it is interesting getting to know backstory on each character from the point-of-view changes I don't think it is helping the plot move on.