Killer Image

Killer Image - Wendy Tyson

"Wake up, Al. People don't come all neatly packaged. You've spent your whole adult life trying to force people into these tidy little boxes. Things don't work that way. People mess up. They get scared. They change their minds. What's under the surface comes out, and you know what? It's not always pretty. That's okay. It's called life."

I bought this book because I was approved for the second book in the series on NetGalley and wanted to catch up before I started the second book. I was really looking forward to reading this book, I mean who wouldn't with an attorney dying from what looks like a ritualistic satanic murder. Sadly when I started this book I realized that this book concentrated a whole lot more on the characters' pasts than the investigation into the murder.


I started off reading this book and actually liking the main character, Allison Campbell. However the more that I read this book the more I began to dislike her. Allison is haunted by things that have happened in her past, with both her family life and her professional career. Allison is constantly thinking about what happened with a former patient, Violet. I understand that it needed to be revealed what happened with Violet but by god it just dragged and dragged on throughout the book. I came in to reading this book interested about the present day events and the book was swamped with the past that haunts Allison.


Allison is not the only character with a past whose past somehow ends up taking over and breaking up the plot. Readers get to find out about everyone's past in this book. There are point-of-view changes and during those pov changes it seems like we get to find out about traumatic events that the characters have gone through. Everyone in this book is messed up in their own way and has issues that they are struggling through. I understand these people have issues but did those issues really need to take over the book and break up the plot?


Probably my favorite character in those book (except for Brutus the dog) was Allison's ex-husband Jason. Jason was trying to get Allison to stop letting her past control her and wasn't having any of her excuses. I really like how he got her to open up and I like where their relationship has gone.


The thing that really saved this book for me was the ending. The ending was filled with some great action and readers finally get to know what really happened. While the investigation may have not been great for me, the final reveal at the end was really good. I am planning on reading the second book in the series as I have already been approved for it. I am hoping now that Allison has worked past some of her issues that the second book won't be as focused on them.